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Hello there!
My name is Fetish Dolly!! I would like to welcome you to my web site! Thank you so much for visiting... I have put my heart and soul into this site while working around the clock for us... in order to create my own community in which you can help me to turn into an empire. An empire and a whole new revolution of beauty. Society has always taught me that nudity is wrong and that love between two girls is immoral. They have tried to teach me that sex is a sin. But it is not. Our bodies are amazing organic machines no matter what they look like they are a miraculous and stunning. Our outer shells should not have to be hidden because there is nothing to be ashamed aboutt. It is not necessarily a sexual thing to be in the nude. Although, sex is also a natural hormonal drive we all encounter and there is no reason why we must have to constantly repress or keep it hidden when it is for the person(s) we love and care about. In America we have repressed sexuality to the point that it is no longer healthy. Domination and Submission can be purely enjoyable play between a lovers. It is when it gets to the point of sadism and masochism, in the case of someone emotionally hurting another...this is when in it is no longer in good intension's and cannot be a healthy.
Many people have particular things that "turn them on" and it is these things that make foreplay so much more fun and creative! In your body everything is connected... but the human mind is the core center, exploring your sexual side mentally is many times even more important than physical interaction for it's satisfaction. This is fetish! A thing such as an indimate object that is not part of the reproductive system in which arouses a sexual desire. Personally, I have found that fetish is necessary for my intimate gratification. For myself it can be pleasuring another person, someone breathing in my ear, and beautiful blue eyes. Last, but definetly not least LOVE! It is strongest and most wide spread overall fetish of our species!! What's your fetish?!

XoXo kisses and spankings, Fetish Dolly

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